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Gravity Portal

This election cycle we are rolling out cutting edge mobile and database technology to help grassroots conservatives elect the candidates of their choice. If you want to maximize your impact this election cycle then we have the tools for you to use!

Who Wants to Represent Me?

With the changing district lines and moving election dates its hard to know who wants to represent you. Here you can view a list of all filed candidates & look up which candidates are running in your House and Senate districts this election cycle!

Texas Action Blog

Texas’ politics is about the only thing that changes faster than Texas’ weather. The Texas Action Blog is your home for staying up to date with this rapidly changing landscape. We’ll also keep you informed on the best ways for you to impact elections!


It’s Time For You To Take Action

Our system isn’t broken. Votes still count. Republican democracy still guides our country and individual action remains the catalyst behind true governmental change. What’s broken is the will of the American people to be involved. You may not change elections through your personal vote but you can shape the future of our state and country through your direct action this election cycle.

Texas Action proposes to empower the individual political action which has built our nation to her apex and will be the critical catalyst of her continued success. Grassroots conservatives have the power to keep us on that path and Texas Action is working to enable that transformation.

How you can help:


  • Register New Voters
  • Volunteer to Support a Candidate
  • Become a Registered Poll Watcher
  • Support Candidates & Causes Online
  • Help Staff a Liberty Headquarters

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